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K3d registry create

k3d registry create

Create a new registry


Create a new registry.

k3d registry create NAME [flags]


      --default-network string   Specify the network connected to the registry (default "bridge")
  -h, --help                     help for create
  -i, --image string             Specify image used for the registry (default "")
      --no-help                  Disable the help text (How-To use the registry)
  -p, --port [HOST:]HOSTPORT     Select which port the registry should be listening on on your machine (localhost) (Format: [HOST:]HOSTPORT)
                                  - Example: `k3d registry create --port` (default "random")

Options inherited from parent commands

      --timestamps   Enable Log timestamps
      --trace        Enable super verbose output (trace logging)
      --verbose      Enable verbose output (debug logging)


Last update: March 26, 2022
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