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Multiple server nodes

  • by default, when --server > 1 and no --datastore-x option is set, the first server node (server-0) will be the initializing server node
    • the initializing server node will have the --cluster-init flag appended
    • all other server nodes will refer to the initializing server node via --server https://<init-node>:6443


  • by default, we expose the API-Port (6443) by forwarding traffic from the default server loadbalancer (nginx container) to the server node(s)
  • port 6443 of the loadbalancer is then mapped to a specific (--api-port flag) or a random (default) port on the host system


  • if --kubeconfig-update-default is set, we use the default loading rules to get the default kubeconfig:
    • First: kubeconfig specified via the KUBECONFIG environment variable (error out if multiple are specified)
    • Second: default kubeconfig in home directory (e.g. $HOME/.kube/config)


Last update: June 9, 2021
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